Rainbow Kitsch Cakes


Our 3 layer Kitsch cakes come in two flavor options and are perfect for any celebration! 

  • Pink- All frosting in pink; top piping in Orange; bottom piping in Yellow; dots on bottom in Orange 
  • Orange- All frosting in orange; top piping in Yellow; bottom piping in Green;  dots on bottom in Yellow 
  • Yellow- All frosting in yellow; top piping in Green; bottom piping in Blue;  dots on bottom in Green 
  • Green- All frosting in Green; top piping in Blue; bottom piping in Purple;  dots on bottom in Blue  
  • Blue-  All frosting in Blue; top piping in Purple; bottom piping in pink;  dots on bottom in Purple
  • Purple-  All frosting in Purple; top piping in Pink; bottom piping in Yellow;  dots on bottom in Pink


All writing will have a base layer of white with the top color corresponding to the bottom strip,

Serves 6-8 people



Please keep language family friendly!